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Avoiding Burnout at Work

Do you notice yourself staring at the screen at work and having trouble getting anything done? You may be feeling burnt out. Here are some tips to avoid running on empty.

Warning Signs

Burnout is natural -- people and companies grow and your needs/goals are not going to match all the time. When that happens, you may start to notice these signs:

  • Feeling Distracted: When you’re completing a task, you are also responding to emails, texts and checking social.
  • Losing Control: Work starts to feel overwhelming and emotional. 
  • Trouble Finishing Projects: It’s good to want to make things better, but at some point an assignment needs to be done. 

Tips to Stop Burnout Before It Happens

Set Boundaries: Set time aside to work and set time aside to relax.

Stay Centered: Take care of your needs outside of work. Eat right, get those hours of sleep and exercise. Your physical and mental wellbeing matters. 

Evaluate Your Time: How are you spending it? Categorize each activity as energizing or exhausting. Which activities can you minimize or automate

Remember the Why: Burnout happens when you lose focus of why you’re doing what you’re doing. This was once your dream job -- can you find your drive again? Go back to your brand and who you are

Lean Into Strengths: Remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished. Set new goals and see what you could do for your industry. 

Finding Balance 

Use Resources: If you have sick/personal days, it is your responsibility to take them. Taking your days is not a sign that you’re weak. If there is anything you could automate or delegate, do so! 

Communicate: It’s okay to have needs as long as you communicate them. Your boss ultimately wants you at your best when you’re at work. Talk to them so your expectations are on the same page.

Stay Grounded: When you’re burnt out, problems start to look like emergencies. They are definitely not. You can deal with urgent problems without escalating them to a death con one. 

Give Yourself Room to Grow: Burnout means something has to change. Take an honest look at what’s not working and what you can do about it. What new skills would you like to learn? Tons of resources and training are out there. A refresher can take you to the next level.

You deserve to be your best self at work. Struggling with burnout and have questions? Let us know in the comments!

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