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Open Your Eyes to Lash Lifting

Lashes seem to have a mind of their own. There are different ways to enhance lashes on the market, like mascara, curlers, false lashes, and extensions, but there’s no one solution that does the job perfectly. However, lash lifts come pretty close. 

What is Lash Lift? 

Lash lift combines curling and extensions. It’s a mini perm for your lashes. Like perms, lash lifting uses a chemical solution to curl your natural lashes. 

Tools & Materials

  • Eyelash cleanser: Removes residue on lashes
  • Silicone shield: Allows shape to hold and cream to be applied
  • Bottom lash holder: Separates top and bottom lashes
  • Lash lift kit: Includes cleanser, perm lotion, setting lotion, nourishing lotion, glue, and medium and large rollers

The Process 

Using a lash serum before the procedure results in more dramatic results, but it’s not necessary. To perform a lash lift, follow these steps:

1) Clean the lashes: Apply cleanser with the client’s eyes closed. Scrub lashes between 2 applicators. Rinse with water in a squeeze bottle. Dab with a cotton pad to dry, then brush lashes with a clean mascara wand.

2) Prime: Place 1 applicator above and 1 below the lashes. Brush with a clean mascara wand.

3) Apply under eye gel pad: Have client open eyes. Cover lower lashes with the gel pad. Make sure the inner and outer corners of the upper lash line are not pulled in. Have client close eyes.

4) Choose eye shield size: Small = more dramatic and bigger = more natural. Lashes should not pass the curvature of the shield.

5) Apply lash lift shield: Wiggle lash lift pad to make sure it’s not stiff and can be manipulated. Apply adhesive GENEROUSLY. Center the shield over lashes and hold the inner / outer corners to make sure that the shield has completely adhered. Apply as close to the lash line as possible without touching the lashes. 

6) Adhere lashes to the shield: Apply adhesive to only the middle & upper portion of the shield. Likewise, only apply adhesive to the TIPS of lashes, not the bottom half of lashes. Pull lashes on to the shield with applicator and adhesive. Use a lash pick to correct any crossed lashes.

7) Apply perm solution: Starting in the middle of the lashes, use the applicator to apply perm solution. Thoroughly saturate the lashes & evenly place solution so no lashes show through. Leave the solution on for the same amount of time on both eyes. 

  • 9 mins for fine lashes
  • 11-12 mins for medium to coarse lashes
  • 13 mins for coarse lashes

8) Remove perm solution: Start in the inner corner where lashes are more fragile. Wipe the solution upward and away with the applicator sponge. Wrap finger with tissue to clean applicator for excess solution.

9) Setting: Apply setting solution in the same way as perm solution. Saturate all lashes, let process, then wipe solution up and off using applicator. 

  • 7-9 mins for fine lashes 
  • 9-10 mins for medium to coarse lashes
  • 11 mins for coarse lashes

10) Apply lash tint: Follow the lash tint product guide. 

11) Nourishing: Apply nourishing solution generously from base to tip. Allow 5 minutes to process and rehydrate the lashes. 

12) Removal: Remove lashes from the lift pad using an applicator. Use nourishing solution to remove shield from eyelid by brushing the applicator. Make sure all lashes are completely lifted from the shield. Peel off lower lid gel pad while the client’s eyes are closed. Use a clean mascara wand to brush through lashes.

Costs & Post-care

Lash lift services range from $65 to $125 per procedure. Hair sheds and grows, and new straight lashes replace curly lashes. Depending on the lash cycle, touchups should be every 6-8 weeks. 

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