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How To Improve Customer Service

It is so important that the client has not only a beautiful result, but an exceptional service experience. Why? Because it's all about referrals my friend! Here are a few of our suggestions for improving your customer service & they include: timing, training, and personalization.


"Hey Alex, I'm scheduling you for 12:00PM, Friday, May 5th. Please plan to be here for two hours!"

It seems common knowledge that your not going to squeeze your microblading appointment in on your 30-minute lunch right?! But here's the secret... sometimes common sense isn't common-- am I right? Your clients just don't know any better, but there's an easy fix to this common complaint-- just tell them!

I will be out of town the week of June 11th for advanced technique training, so make your appointments now!

Invest In Yourself

Are you investing in yourself? Shout it from the roof-tops because your clients will LOVE it! Post on social media, talk about recent training during services (just a little), and post training certificates at your work station. Knowledge of your continuing education builds your client's confidence in you.

Remember The Details

"Hey Girl! Last time I saw you, you were going out of town for Jenna's wedding? Let me see your pictures!"

Take notes, detailed notes, about your client's specific life events. Acknowledging their milestones sends the message that you care, and helps them develop a stronger connection to you as their artist, and friend.

So next time someone asks about your client's AMAZING brows she'll say...

Thanks my friend does permanent makeup, she's super professional, and her work is beautiful you should check it out!

Ready to invest in yourself? Sign up for an advanced class today!

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