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All About a Lash Lift

What if we told you, you could add more than $10,000.00 to your income in the next 12 months? Are you currently working as an Esthetician or Cosmetologist? Do you offer Lash Lifts? If the answer is “No” then we are talking to you. 

Here’s The Math

If you can sell Lash Lifts as an add on service to 3 clients per week, including the cost of the products, you have the ability to make more than $10,000.00 in the next 12 months.

$85.00 (Procedure Cost to Client) + $13.50 (Product Cost for you)= $71.50 (Service Revenue)

$71.50 (Service Revenue) x 3 Clients= $214.50 (Extra Weekly Income)

$214.50 (Extra Weekly Income) x 51 Weeks (Yep, I even gave you a week off!) = $10,939.50

Sound a little more interesting now?

Tips for Selling a Lash Lift 

Scenario One

You: Do you curl your lashes or wear mascara everyday? 

Client: Yes

You: Awesome, have you ever tried a lash lift before? It’s pretty cool, especially for summer your lashes will be more voluminous and pronounced for 6-8 weeks. Even without Mascara! I can show you some pictures if you want to see how it looks?

Client: I just had to get my lash extensions removed because I was allergic to the glue…

You: Oh, no! Have you tried a lash lift? The glue is not as strong and, most clients who are allergic to lash extension glue do very well with a Lash Lift. 

Client: No, what is it?

You: It’s basically a perm for your eyelashes, it will leave you with more volume and pretty lashes for 6-8 weeks. Check out my portfolio of past clients.

Scenario Two

Client Profile - Works out a lot, doesn’t wear much makeup, swims or enjoys watersports.

You: You have beautiful lashes, have you ever tried a lash lift?

Client: No, what is that?

You: It’s a form of perming your eyelashes. It will make them more pronounced and voluminous for about 6-8 weeks.



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