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Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm


26429 Rancho Parkway S. STE 150

Lake Forest, CA 92630

26429 Rancho Parkway S. STE 150

Lake Forest, CA 92630

Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm

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Dear students, thank you for registering. You can find information regarding the class below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to seeing you soon! 

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    Hands-on practice under the supervision of your instructor is an invaluable part of the training experience. Providing you have all the documentation and are qualified to work on model, we welcome you to bring in a family member or friend as your model. Please provide HighbrowLab with copies of your Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate and Artist Permit from Local Health Department in order to perform a procedure on models.

    To renew or get BBP certified The easiest way is by taking an online course, we recommend Enter code CPR-PMU to receive a discount.

    To file for Artist Permit Register with local health department by providing a copy of the Hep B record (or waiver) and BBP certificate.

    Please complete our credit card authorization form and attach above.

    Fundamental Pre-Study

    Prior to the first in person day of class, students must read and complete the SPCP Foundation of Fundamental Applications Book & Workbook. This will lay the foundation for your training.

    General Information

    TRAINING MATERIAL   All materials will be provided during your training. Products needed for practice and procedures performed at the training site (i.e. pigments, anesthetics, needles, practice skins, supplies, etc) are including in the cost of tuition. MEI-CHA device will be made available at no charge during class.

    STUDENT KIT   Student Kit consists of products and supplies you will need for your continued practice and up to 15 procedures. The kit is only available for our students.

    COMPLIMENTARY DINING   Lunch is on us! Refreshments and beverages are also available to our students.

    ATTIRE   Uniforms will be provided during procedures. We kindly ask you to wear closed toe shoes and your hair up if you have long hair.