Permanent Makeup Needles

Permanent makeup needles are the heart of the procedure and are the biggest influence in the healed result, but also can be the most confusing! What does size, taper, count, and configurations even mean?!  We're breaking it all down for you!

Needle Size

Each and every needle has a diameter. Diameter is also described as the individual needle size. For example, a needle with a size #12 is 0.35mm in diameter or a needle with a size #6 is .20mm in diameter.

Needle Taper

A taper is the measurement of the needle point length and can be short, medium, long, or extra long. Short taper produces a larger puncture size with long/extra long creates a smaller puncture size.

Needle Count

Each needle grouping has a count. This is how many individual needles are within one configuration. For example, 7 round grouping, 3 round grouping, single needle, etc.

Needle Configurations

Configurations can be round, flat, and magnum. There are also cartridge-type and manual device configurations.

Round Liner is a grouping of needles that are soldered together so the points are close together. The result is more concentrated.

Round Shader is a grouping of needles that are soldered together so that the points are further apart. The result is more spread out.

Flat Configurations are needles in a flat, linear pattern that are soldered together so that there is an exact space between needle points.

Woven Magnum is one row of needles that is woven in a way that gives the appearance of two rows. It has a wider configuration and is available in straight or curved.

Stacked Magnum is two rows of side-by-side flat needles with the smaller grouping placed on top of the larger.

Cartridge-Type needle configurations are encased and inserted into the handpiece of a machine pen. The needles normally retract back into the encasement when the machine is in the off position.

Manual Device Needles can be arranged in flat or round configurations. These are configured specifically for eyebrow hair stroke patterns and may be smaller in diameter than the typical needle.

How to Choose

Choosing your device and needles is a very personal decision as it depends on preference and desired look. When deciding your needles, you must look at the size, taper, count, flexibility and configuration. Each brand will outline the differences between them.

There you have it! What's your favorite needle? Let us know in the comments!

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