Permanent Makeup Machine vs. Microblading

 Looking at getting into permanent makeup but are not sure what you want to study? Well there are two ways to perform a procedure: permanent makeup machine and microblading.


The modern version of ancient tattoo devices, commonly known as microblading. Needles (microblades) affixed to the pen-like tool scratches the skin to deposit pigment and create a natural looking hair stroke. Needles are positioned next to each other at an angle or oval to allow pigment to remain between them. Microblading does not involve cutting or scratching nor is there any vibration.

Permanent Makeup Machine 

There are two different types of machine devices, a rotary and digital. The differing factor is in the power source look and feel as well as needle configurations. Both use a hand piece that drives the needle up and down by the machine to implant pigment into the skin. Single or grouped needles can be used to provide a different end result.

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