How To Be More Productive At Work

We all struggle with the question of how to be more productive at work. As it turns out, the key to being more productive is outlining what exactly you need to get done during the day. So how do you prioritize when there’s a million things on your to do list? Ask yourself:

What will grow my business? 

What will generate revenue? 

What will move that needle forward? 

This looks different for everyone. 

Maybe you’re a service-based business. Moving your needle could be answering customer inquiries, booking requests and posting on Instagram. 

Maybe you’re a brand with an excellent product. Managing Google Ads, spending time writing stellar newsletters and connecting with wholesale accounts may be your go to. 

So how do you decide exactly what to do in any given day?

Say hello to top three! 

Top Three is simple. It’s outlining what your top three projects/focus/goals are for the day. It’s saying no thank you to doing it all and doing the absolute best you can at what really matters. You don’t have to check off a to-do list a mile long to be successful. By putting all your focus and energy on your top three tasks, you can move the needle forward, reduce stress and be proud of what you accomplished.

What does top three look like?

A Marketing Manager’s top three could be:

  • Plan Instagram Content
  • Analyze Google Ads Analytics
  • Develop Product Launch Strategy

A Sales Manager’s Top Three Could Be:

  • Follow Up With Ten Leads
  • Visit One Current Account
  • Analyze Sales Data for Q1

A Small Business Spa Owner’s Top Three Could Be:

  • Answer all customer booking inquiries
  • Process payroll
  • Attend networking event


We’re not going to lie - our HQ used to write our Top Three on post it notes until we designed our daily to do planner. Want to get your copy? Download here.

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