Budget Tips for Wedding Season

Wedding season is coming up! At HighbrowLab, we’re fans of owning your style, sticking to a budget, and getting inspired. 

This applies to weddings as well! Here is our guide to attending weddings on a budget.  

Alternative dresses

You don’t have to break the budget on wedding outfits. Shop your closet for a piece that will be right for the occasion. If you must get a new outfit, consider renting, borrowing, or buying a piece that you will wear again. 

Thoughtful gift-giving

When it comes to wedding gifts, we’re a fan of thoughtful over expensive gifts. (But a gift can definitely be both!) In particular, we love gifting experiences. Newlyweds have a lot of expenses, so giving cash is not a bad idea. The trick is to give for a specific purpose, such as honeymoon or house. This makes it more personal. Some ideas of where your gift could go:

  • Honeymoon fund - Hello snorkeling or guided tour
  • Hotel and/or Airbnb gift card for their stay
  • Date night fund - This will be greatly appreciated!
  • House fund - For home improvement projects
  • Yard fund - For low-water and eco solutions for a garden
  • Hobby fund - A rock gym pass, REI gift cards… anything goes!

Pick & choose events

There are a lot of events surrounding weddings that you may be invited to, such as bridal showers, bachelorette parties and engagement dinners. Depending on your situation, it’s ok to decline pre-wedding events so you have the resources to attend the main event. 

If you are traveling for a wedding, consider traveling together and splitting costs such as gas money, car rentals and rooms. A destination wedding could always turn into a vacation depending on your situation.

What are your budget tips for weddings? Join our community at HighbrowLab & let us know!

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